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All prices are for services within the Lexington area.

 Outside Lexington, please contact me to arrange a quote (contact Kathy).


Any initial on-site consultation is free of charge!


De-Cluttering and Organizing sessions are priced at $70.00 per hour.


This price will include removal of items you may wish to donate to any

local non-profit or charitable organization. I will provide an

itemized list and the organization's receipt so that

you may claim the tax deduction.




Specific areas where I can help you...


Living room: My aim is to help you to regain your living space, getting you back in control and helping you to feel comfortable in your own home. 


Bedroom: By the end the day you will have regained your space and have a peaceful place to sleep. 


Kitchen: I can help you to re-organize your kitchen and dining areas so you can find exactly what you

need, simply and easily.       


 Laundry: Discover how organization and simplicity will reduce the time you spend here.

Spare bedroom: If you are planning to have guests, then I'll restore your

junk room into a guest bedroom. I will sort, discard, organize (and move light furniture).


Wardrobe makeoversI will help you streamline and reorganize your closets.

I have the experience to help you to find your own personal fashion style with outfits

ready to wear for any season or occasion.


Selling your homeI will work with you to get your property ready to sell.  We'll declutter and discard

just enough to make both you and your realtor happy!


Before and after moving: Maybe you have a busy working life and just can't find the dedicated

time to get organized.  I will help you to finally sort and organize for moving day or find 'places'

for your belongings in your new home or apartment.


Holiday decorating: Is holiday decorating a chore or a joy? I can help you sort and organize when it

is time to deck the halls or remove and store your items when it is time to clear the decks.


When your clutter is in storage: I will work hands-on with you at your storage location, sorting through and gently guiding you through the decision making process of what to keep and what to discard. Then we will pack any remaining items, ready to be re-located to either a smaller unit or (hopefully) back to your home.

Gift Vouchers

For friends and family who've said they'd like to

declutter, but don't quite know where to start!

Available in multiples of $70.00


Payment, Cancellation and Rescheduling

Payment by cash or check accepted for all bookings.

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking. Once this payment has been received the booking will be confirmed by phone and/or e-mail. The 50% balance due is payable by cash or check upon completion.

Both DeClutterDoc and the client have the right to cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.

If the client cancels with less than 48 hours notice of the agreed date and time, the deposit is forfeited.


At my discretion I may agree to re-credit your account if the appointment

is rescheduled within 2 months of such cancellation.




DeClutter a Path to Wellness

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